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Meet the 2023 Dumfries Mutual Scholarship Winners

The team at Dumfries Mutual understands the importance of lending a helping hand, whether it’s assisting our policyholders, supporting our community, or collaborating with our colleagues to achieve our common goals. Throughout the final stretch of the summer season, we were able to celebrate five local students, with $1,000 scholarship cheques. Entrants were asked to answer the following question:

In what ways can youth involvement and collaboration benefit community non-profit organizations and volunteer programs? In turn, how do youth themselves benefit?

Not only did the 2023 scholarship recipients describe how youth involvement can benefit community programs, but specifically exemplify youth community leadership. We congratulate Emma Cote, Brooklyn Davidson, Ethan Slote, Caitlyn Smith, and Lauren Worsley on their success in high school and wish them the best as they embark on their post-secondary journeys.

Recently beginning her next chapter at Dalhousie University, Emma Cote is sure to make a big splash with her studies in Environmental Science. In Emma’s essay, she made many great points about the importance of volunteering stating that, “volunteer programs provide kids and teens with a safe, inclusive, and beneficial activity after school. It gives them direction and purpose, possibly a new passion to adopt. Volunteer opportunities fulfill their need for a sense of capability, belonging, and impact.” We couldn’t agree more, Emma. It is common for volunteers to feel they receive more than they give.

Local community involvement figures largely for Brooklyn Davidson who juggled working with youth as an assistant dance instructor for several years as well as being a youth leader in University of Guelph summer camps. In Brooklyn’s essay, she Including the domino effect that a good leader can have on youth. “When you have terrific leaders to encourage and help younger kids in the community, they empower many people to follow the same path.” This September, Brooklyn began her post-secondary studies in Travel and Tourism (Commerce) at the University of Guelph.

Recent graduate of Dundas Valley Secondary School, Ethan Slote is now studying Architecture – Construction Engineering Technology at Conestoga College. From a young age, Ethan has been involved in many community events, especially with The Rockton Agricultural Society and the Rockton Lions Club.  Ethan’s Powerpoint presentation proclaimed “volunteering can improve happiness and happiness is contagious” which is the root of where great community’s stem from. We know, mom, Melissa, couldn’t be more proud of the difference Ethan makes in the lives of those he encounters.

From Elmira District High School to Western University to pursue Nursing, Caitlyn Smith is on a mission to make the world a better place. In her essay, Caitlyn notes that “youth are becoming louder, more powerful and more capable of giving each year. They want to help solve the world’s most pressing issues and they want to make meaningful footprints for the next generation.” After meeting Caitlyn and hearing about her perspective on this subject, we know that she’s going to be a natural fit at helping others in her future career.

Lauren Worsley is one month into her post-secondary studies at the University of Waterloo, pursuing her Bachelor degree in Social Work. During Lauren’s visit to the office, her energy was contagious. Lauren believes, “…when youth get involved in volunteer programs at the community level, it provides them with the opportunity to meet new people from diverse backgrounds. This is a good thing because it allows youth to understand and acknowledge the diversity in their community as well as the value of inclusion. This can result in a higher level of acceptance of people who are different from them both culturally and socio-economically.” Thank you for sharing this truth, Lauren!

Today’s youth have a significant influence on both the present and the future. They are strong, tenacious and creative problem-solvers. Our 2023 Dumfries Mutual Scholarship winning recipients all embody the many benefits of volunteerism. We thank them for sharing and can’t wait to follow their respective journeys.