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Payment Options

Learn about scams & fraud, including reported cases concerning you and Dumfries Mutual.

Flexible payment options that work for you.

Credit Card

  • PAY NOW to make your annual or semi-annual payment.

Online banking

  • Payee name: Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Your account number: your policy number (excluding any dashes).


  • Mail in with your invoice remittance copy.
  • Or, drop off at our office.

Pre-Authorized Monthly Payments

  • Convenient one-time setup.
  • Any account changes must be made 10 days in advance of scheduled payment date.


  • Email payment to: etransfers@dumfriesmutual.com.
  • Complete the message box in your transfer with a) your name, b) your agent’s or broker’s name c) your policy number(s). We cannot process your payment without all of this information.
  • Your financial institution must support automatic deposit for commercial business, which means we’re not required to answer a security question or provide a password. If you’re still required to enter a security question, it won’t matter what you enter as your payment should still deposit automatically.
  • If your financial institution does not support automatic deposit for commercial business, we won’t be able to receive your payment. You will have to cancel the transaction.

Contact your agent or broker if you have questions or want to change your payment method.