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Making Fall Outdoor Cleanup a Breeze

The fall season is a favourite for many. Between the crisp air, beautiful colours, and warm drinks, it manages to feel refreshing and cozy all at the same time. With so much to enjoy this time of year don’t get bogged down by a long list of chores.

Put these tips to use this weekend and make more impact in less time with your fall outdoor cleanup.

Conquering leaves

  • Try raking the leaves into rows instead of piles – it’s a game changer!
  • Use an Easy Leaf Bag accessory to hold the bag open.
  • Or better yet rake leaves onto a tarp. Pull to the curb for pick up or to the flower bed for compost. Check out loose leaf curb collection for Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph.
  • On your last cut of the season use your lawn mower to mulch fallen leafs.

Tools to help

Your leaf blower can help with more than just leaves! Put it to work clearing debris from your gutters and roof. In the winter keep it handy to blow snow from your car and walkway.

A pressure washer can save you time and money. It uses less water and more power than a garden hose and will take care of mold, dirt, dust and loose paint. Use it to refresh your shed, fence, deck, driveway and patio furniture.

Don’t forget tool care!

Before packing away the gardening tools, ensure they’re ready for spring. Use warm water to clean off remaining dirt and dry well. To prevent rust, apply a thin layer of oil to the metal.

Don’t forget the big tools! Gas left in the lawnmower over winter can ruin your engine. Before storing either drain the gas or add a fuel stabilizer.

Plan ahead

One more time saving tip: it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Move snow blowers, shovels and sidewalk salt to the front of the garage. This will make things easier come first snow fall.