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Expert Series: 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without AC

In the previous expert interview, air-conditioning expert Randy Smith used his 25 years of experience to help homeowners run their air conditioning unit more efficiently. Randy’s wealth of knowledge also provided insights into airflow around a home, thermostats, and the inside operations of an AC unit.

But there are also steps homeowners can take to keep their house cool without touching their AC unit:

Shade Your Windows

Shading your windows plays a large part in keeping your house cool.  Randy Smith explained that, “if you had sun coming through a window, you could be losing 3,000 to 4,000 BTUS of air-conditioning right off the top.”  Although, homeowners may “want to let the sun in,” the additional UV rays are actually making the system work harder, costing homeowners money and risking damage to the system.

Run Other Appliances at Night

During the hottest parts of the day, try not to run appliances. To minimize the amount of heat in the home and work the AC unit is doing, Huffington Post suggests homeowners should only run their laundry machines, dryers, and dishwashers at night. This will help to keep things cooler, while saving homeowners money in the long run.

Turn Your Vents Off in the Basement

In Randy’s experience, many two-story homeowners complain that the upstairs of the house isn’t cool enough. This is because hot air rises, and cold air is heavy, usually causing the basement of the house to be cold and the upstairs to be warmer. To combat this problem, Randy recommends turning off the vents in the basement. This will force the cold air upstairs and it will naturally sink to fill the rest of the house.

Strategically Plant Trees Around your House

According to Mike Holmes in an article written in the National Post, planting trees strategically around your home helps block out heat and sunlight from entering your home. This helps to remove some of the stress on the AC unit, and help naturally cool your home. However, trees planted too close to the house can cause problems with precipitation and root damage, so be strategic with your positioning.

Get Rid of the Incandescent Lights

The Energy Center states that incandescent bulbs waste about 90 percent of their energy in heat released. Therefore, switching to CFLs or fluorescents will make a small difference in cooling your house and can help save money on your electric bill.  It’s simply a win-win!

Need more help with your air-conditioning? Contact Randy Smith from A 1 Kool Heating & Air Conditioning at 519-748-3410.