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How To Save On Your Home Insurance

Making sure that you are spending your money wisely and in the right places is important in every aspect of our daily lives, and it’s equally important when it comes to your home insurance.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from homeowners is: ‘How can I save on my home insurance?’ The team at Dumfries Mutual is here to help with a great video and a list of the top ways you can achieve this goal.

Watch Dumfries Agent, Lee Ellery, outline the top ways to save on your home insurance in this short video. Click to watch!  ⤵️

Image of Agent Lee Ellery

1. Review Your Insurance Policy with Your Agent

Many homeowners first acquire home insurance when they purchase a home, and then they never look at their paperwork again. This is the biggest mistake we see people make when it comes to home insurance. 

Instead of filing away your home insurance coverage paperwork every year, the best thing you can do is talk to your agent to review your home insurance plan.

Reviewing your plan allows your agent to check if:

  • You have the right coverage for your current needs.
    • Your property value may have changed.
    • You may have added to your family.
    • You may have started a home business.
  • Any changes have been made to your home.
    • Installed a new pool.
    • Added a rental apartment.
    • Constructed a garage.
  • Updates or repairs could result in additional discounts.
    • Replaced your roof.
    • Updated your electrical.
    • Installed a new furnace.

2. Review Discount Opportunities

Whether you are interested in bundling your policies together to reduce your premium, or you are eligible for a discount, your agent will be able to advise on the best options for your lifestyle.

At Dumfries, we offer home insurance discounts for a wide range of situations, including first-time home buyers, mature homeowners, claims-free homeowners, older homes, homes with significant improvements, generational discounts, and more.

Talk to your agent about how you can make the most of any discount opportunities.

3. Don’t Pay for Coverage You Don’t Need

Life changes, your home changes, and your needs change. You don’t want to be stuck paying for coverages that no longer apply or that you will no longer benefit from. Discussing your current lifestyle needs with your agent will help you determine whether your prior coverages are still accurate, or whether you would be advised to change aspects of your plan to better cover your current situation.

At Dumfries, we believe that you should understand what all your paperwork and coverages actually mean. We know how important it is that you, and your loved ones, are properly protected. 

Talk to us and we’ll make sure you are covered with the best options and the best discounts.