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How to prevent vacation break-ins this summer

Many Canadians who plan on taking an extended vacation this year will be taking their work along with them, based on a recent survey. Of course, one thing no one can pack in a bags is his or her home, which has to be left behind and can be vulnerable to break-ins.

Theft is more common in the summer, with owners are away from their residences often for days, if not weeks, at a time.

For most, everything is fine; no incidents. But that can’t be said for everyone, as thousands of people in Canada have their privacy violated when thieves break into their homes.

Home theft is a lot like identity theft – it can’t be entirely prevented. However, there are several steps you can take to lower the chances of being victimized. The Insurance Bureau of Canada recently put together a list of things that are key to protecting your home while you’re away.


Make it look like someone’s home

The reason why homes are robbed in the summer is because thieves are able to recognize when nobody’s home. That’s why it’s important to make it look like someone is there. IBC indicated that there are a number of ways in which to pull this off, like having a neighbour park their car in the driveway and move it every so often. Also, have someone collect the mail and bring it into the kitchen.

Lock all doors

It ought to go without saying, but locking the doors is a crucial component to home safety. It’s not a guarantee no one can break in, but it does make it harder to do so. A thief may have to break a window or ram the door. Breaking a window, ramming through a door — these things can’t be done quietly and will alert a neighbour to the commotion.

Don’t broadcast your vacation plans

Social media is how we stay connected, but don’t announce on Facebook, Twitter or other channels that you’re excited about your upcoming vacation. Keep it to yourself, especially if you’re heading off for an extended period. Let the photos tell the story after you return safely to a secure house.

Lock your car

If you’re flying, not driving,  make sure your car is locked and that all the windows are rolled up. IBC also recommended that you keep your vehicle registration and automotive insurance policy somewhere other than the glove compartment, because if thieves are able to access your car, they may falsify the information it contains to make it seem like they’re the rightful owners.

IBC has some other suggestions to keep your belongings whole while you’re away this summer and prevent vacation break-ins.