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How to Complete a Home Inventory

Would you remember all your possessions in the event of a fire or other disaster?

A current home inventory helps to ensure that you have sufficient insurance coverage and that no item is forgotten if you were to experience an insured loss. This can be a great activity to do with your children – have them take inventory of their rooms, while teaching an important life skill.

Download our home inventory checklist as a fillable PDF or Excel file.

Here are some tips to get started today!

Go room by room – Take pictures and video and save them in a secure location (ie: in the cloud).

Include the basic information – Describe each item: where you bought it, the make and model, what you paid and any other pertinent details.

Keep proof – Safely store records of value, ownership and serial numbers for items.

Check coverage on big ticket items – Jewellery and collectibles may need special coverage separate from your standard homeowners insurance policy.

Don’t forget important documents – Keep personal and financial copies off-site (birth and marriage certificates, passport, house deed, etc).

Secure your inventory list – Use a fire proof safe or give a copy to a trusted relative or friend.

Update yearly – Spring is an ideal time to review. Notify your agent or broker of any big changes.

Thank you for taking time to better protect what matters to you.