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Get Ahead of Waterloo Region’s Upcoming Household Waste Collection Changes

Households in Waterloo Region can expect to see a new green initiative unfold this coming March at their curbside. The Region will switch to a new curbside waste collection contract that reduces each household’s garbage allowance to four bags every two weeks, with blue and green bins collected weekly. The official website outlines the upcoming household waste collection changes in greater depth.

By encouraging residents to think about how to best manage their waste, the region hopes to see improved environmental protection, better air quality, and a reduction in costs and landfill space required.

With the changes just around the corner, it’s time to prepare! We have put together a list of things you can do now to make sure your household is ready.

Assess how your household waste management currently stacks up.

Some households will find that they don’t need to change much about their current waste management habits. About 86% of the region’s households only put out 1-2 bags of garbage each week already. An important first step is to see if you need to make any changes, and how drastic they need to be.

Revisit your green and blue bin usage.

The region studied our garbage contents and found that 53% of it could have gone to the green bin, and another 14% could have gone in the blue box. Did you know that pet waste and facial tissues can go in the green bin? Check this helpful list for a complete overview on what belongs where!

Make the switch to reusable items.

Make an effort to use less plastic snack bags and grocery bags by opting for tupperware containers and reusable tote bags.

If you’re like us, you may intend on using tote bags but often forget to bring them for the grocery trip. Our favourite tip is to write “Bags” as the first item on your shopping list.


We can be quick to toss items in the trash that are no longer of use to us out of convenience. Rehoming these items instead can reduce waste and make you some quick cash. Kijiji or your local buy-and-sell community are great places to find new homes for clothing, furniture, and other items.

Get creative and find new uses for old items.

Your old shirt or bedsheet with a hole in it isn’t suitable for donation or rehoming, but it would make a stack of new cleaning rags. This not only repurposes an old item, but cuts down on your paper towel usage too!

Despite the initial adjustment period being a little tricky for some, we think this is an important and awesome initiative by the Region! Let’s do our part to make it happen!