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Dumfries agent Glen Nixon turns 60 – Part 3 of 3

Longtime Dumfries Mutual agent Glen Nixon turned 60 on Saturday, October 7, 2017. Glen has been with our company since 1979, making this his 38th year. On the occasion of his milestone birthday, we took the opportunity to interview him on a variety of interesting topics. This is the final article of a three-part series where you can learn about Glen as a person and agent, the changes he has witnessed during his career, and his thoughts on mutual insurance for today’s generation. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect what matters to you!


Why should someone choose to be insured with a mutual insurance company over a large stock insurance company?
The personalized service you receive from a Mutual exceeds any other company. We’re policyholder focused, not profit driven. When a client works with one of our agents, they’re treated like a person not a number. Our policyholders are also owners of the company, which means they can weigh in on important matters. Our board of directors have our policyholders best interest in mind because they’re policyholders themselves.

How do you foresee the future of mutual insurance?
The mutuals will continue providing exceptional products and service to both rural and urban policyholders. It’s becoming rare to find quality personalized service – that continues setting us apart from the competition. With fewer but larger farms, the mutuals continue to sell innovative products by people who understand agriculture. People like to support local companies, who in turn support the community. The Ontario Mutuals family of companies is incredibly financially strong, all Canadian owned, and backed by our own reinsurance company, Farm Mutual Re.

Why should someone choose Dumfries Mutual?
As Ontario’s oldest farm mutual insurance company, we’ve been doing things right for a long time. We were founded in 1856, making us 161 years old. Our agents genuinely care about our policyholders and take pride in knowing them each by name – along with important milestones in their lives. The staff are very friendly, well trained, and dedicated. We’ve consistently supported our community through generous donations to many local causes, including youth programs, charities, local arenas, and more.

Do you have a story when insurance coverage with Dumfries Mutual really helped a family?
There are many examples. I’m reminded of one family who owned a large chicken barn we insured. The barn burned down only a couple months after they started their policy. I remember being glad they had insurance to allow them to carry on. It’s never an illustrious thing to have a claim. For example, when someone has a house fire they’re displaced for at least a few months and are only put back to square one after it’s all over. But we try to make the claim process as smooth and supportive as possible.

What advice do you have for young people just starting out when it comes to buying insurance?
You want financial stability and rock solid protection for your peace of mind. You may be able to find that from many insurance companies. But you also want a company who knows you by name and has your best interests at heart, especially if you experience a claim. That’s why I recommend Dumfries Mutual. We’re your caring neighbours who are actively making the community a better place to live.

Glen's old business card

This old version of Glen’s business card is from the 1980s. While our brand, technology, and team have changed over time, our quality service and community support haven’t wavered.