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Jeremy Webster obtains CIP designation

At Dumfries Mutual, we’re committed to putting policyholders first and providing the best possible service. We believe in having people on our team who strive for excellence in our industry.

We congratulate Jeremy Webster, Property Underwriter, for achieving his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation! While Jeremy works behind the scenes, it’s quite possible he has seen your policy or spoken with your Agent or broker. Read about Jeremy’s educational milestone, his role at Dumfries, and about him as a person.

CIP designation

When did you start and finish the CIP program?

I completed one credit while I was in university, and was granted one credit through my university degree. I finished my eight remaining courses over three years after I started working at Dumfries.

Was the program difficult to complete?

It’s definitely a difficult program. The majority of your mark is based on your performance on the exams, which are long and demanding. I would say most of the CIP exams were more challenging than the exams I had in university.

What motivated you to pursue the CIP designation?

The CIP designation is widely respected within the insurance industry in Canada. It seemed like a great way to obtain more knowledge about my field and help grow my career.

Do you recommend others to complete it?

Absolutely. You learn a lot about the industry, meet a lot of insurance professionals, and gain a well-recognized designation.

Property Underwriter

When did you become an Underwriter?

I started working at Dumfries Mutual in 2013. Prior to coming here, I was a Sun Life Financial advisor for almost a year.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the culture here and learning about risks. Farm risks were especially interesting to me because agriculture wasn’t something I knew much about.

What makes the Mutuals different in the insurance industry?

I find mutual companies are closer to their community and insureds. I also like the idea of policyholders being able to share in the success of the company.

Personal life

What did you go to post secondary school for?

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

When did you choose a career in insurance?

I chose to concentrate on insurance and risk management in my third year when completing my BBA. I’ve always liked the idea of insurance, and feel it plays an important role within our economy and society.

What are your interests outside work?

I enjoy reading, chess, and hockey. When I was younger, I was quite active in sports. I was a goalie for the Oakville Rangers AAA hockey team for 9 years.


Jeremy received his CIP diploma on March 1, 2018, at the Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony held by the Insurance Institute’s Conestoga chapter.