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For better or worse, in sickness and in health!

At Dumfries Mutual, we like to consider ourselves more than coworkers – we’re a work family. It’s because of this we’re thrilled about the recent marriage of one of our agents.

On Wednesday, September 13th, Colleen May abruptly let us know she would be leaving that day to return the following week as Mrs. Kiriakos. Colleen and her fiancé, Nas, were in the beginning stages of their wedding preparations for the new year. But they accelerated their plans big time when Nas’ father, aka “Papa”, took a downturn in his health! Colleen expressed “We figure if God could create the world in seven days, we can pull off our wedding in six!” This change of date allowed Papa to be there on their September 17th wedding day. Coincidently this date was also Papa’s 92nd birthday, which was celebrated with candles on the wedding cake.

On September 21st, the staff and agents held a surprise party to celebrate with Colleen her marriage. The only hurdle was Colleen called in sick that day, but she was told she must come in “for an important team meeting.” Upon her arrival, Colleen was speechless at first and shed a few tears. After collecting herself, she said it was her “second biggest surprise in recent history.” The biggest surprise was Nas proposing to her.

The Dumfries Mutual family couldn’t be happier for these newlyweds and wish them all the best as a married couple!

Colleen marriage

(Left) Colleen and Nas with Papa and their daughter Kelsi. (Right) Colleen at the surprise party held for her.