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2015 Scholarships!

Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company has always had strong community values, and appreciated the importance of young adults in the community.  As a part of our efforts to give back to the community, Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company will be awarding five scholarships to five different students pursuing post-secondary education to assist with school-related expenses.

Applicants must provide proof of:

  • Registration in an accredited post-secondary program
  • Entering their 1st year of post-secondary education in Fall of 2015

A written essay with a maximum of 850 words to answer the following question:

  • Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company has always tried to be a positive contributor to the community. Discuss why you think giving back to the community is important, and provide one example of how you or a company can be a positive influence to the community.

Five scholarships worth $500 each will be awarded to successful applicants upon proof of enrollment.

Completed essays should be submitted electronically to dumfriesmutual@gmail.com, with the e-mail subject,“2015 Scholarship Essay Submission”.