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1983 Dumfries Open House

We’re thrilled our Open House for our new office is quickly approaching on Tuesday, May 21. As we look forward to this proud moment, it’s fascinating to reflect back on our last Open House in 1983 (36 years ago). It’s one of the great stories in our rich history dating back to 1856.

The following article was published by Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (OMIA) following our September, 1983 celebration.

A crowd of over 200 turned out on Saturday, September 24, 1983, to help Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company celebrate the opening of their new office premises at 13 Cambridge Street in Cambridge.

Company President (Board Chair), Harold Hamilton, welcomed the guests and introduced the Dumfries staff. Andrew Telfer who has served on the Dumfries Board for over 41 years gave a history of the company. Former Provincial Liberal Leader, Robert Nixon, was on hand to offer his congratulations to Dumfries Mutual. Also on hand was Mrs. Mary Love, Acting Mayor for the City of Cambridge.

OMIA President, David MacKay, presented Dumfries Mutual with an office clock. FMRP President, John Harper, presented Dumfries with a clock for their Board Room and Vern Inglis spoke on behalf of NAMIC and presented Dumfries Mutual with a plaque. The Department of Insurance was represented by Chief Examiner, Bob Heldman.

Frank Rutledge of the Freelton and Strabane United Church conducted the dedication ceremony and the builder, Henry Battaglia, made a presentation of the building keys to company Manager, Gordon Welsh.

Also on hand was Mr. David Emberly, Vice Chairman of the Ontario Council of Heritage Canada who gave a very interesting history of the stone house which was assimilated into the new structure. This house is one of the first houses built in the downtown area of Galt and the architects have neatly included it in the structure. The house portion houses the Manager’s office and the company Board Room.

To close out the program company Directors Jim Barrie and Carl Jones unveiled a plaque on the side of the stone house which outlined some history of that portion of the building.

Following the ceremonies the ladies 3H Club (Happy Husband Hunters) provided refreshments for the guests in the company’s new Education Room located in the basement section of the new building.

Congratulations to Dumfries Mutual on an excellent ceremony and an excellent building.

1983 Open House banner

OMIA President, David MacKay, conducts ribbon cutting at Dumfries Mutual opening.