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Commercial Insurance

Keep your business moving forward with confidence that your company, its assets, and income are properly protected.

Business Insurance Policies That Protect Your Livelihood

Halwell Dumfries Mutual offers a variety of commercial insurance coverages. We provide business owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets are protected. From small business insurance to multi-unit rentals, our agents will help you understand all your options and walk you through the process, so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

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Selected Commercial Insurance Types Include:

  • Residential Rentals
    Single family rental dwellings.
  • Multi-Unit Residential Rentals
    Up to 12 rental units. Ask us about our preferred rates for rental locations operated by a property management company.
  • Contractors
    Covering a wide variety of contracting operations.
  • Home-Based Businesses
    Businesses with a gross revenue of less than $100,000.
  • Manufacturing
    Businesses that produce Natural/Organic Skin Products, Food & Beverage, Furniture, Signs, Jewelry, Clothing, Packaging, and more.
  • Wholesalers
    Businesses that produce Dry Goods, Clothing, Baked Goods, Draperies & Rugs, Seed & Garden Supplies, Leather, Sporting Goods, Beauty Supplies, and more.
  • Offices
    Available in a variety of locations.
  • Retail
    Available in a variety of locations.
  • Restaurants
    Locations with a gross revenue of less than $850,000, including stands, take out, and catering.
  • Professional Services
    Photography, Janitorial, Window cleaning, and more.
  • Churches
    Locations offering services and select supplemental offerings.
  • Farmers Market
    Locations that also have farm insurance with us.
Copetown United Church

Each type of business requires its own unique coverages, and some conditions apply.
Speak with your insurance representative about available coverages to ensure that you are sufficiently protected.

Business Interruption Insurance Coverage

Managing risk is an essential part of operations for every business. Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that your business is protected if something unexpected happens.

If an insured property loss occurs (e.g. a fire) and your business can’t carry on as usual, business interruption insurance will help you continue meeting your fixed costs and retain your key personnel if your income is diminished.

From additional out-of-pocket costs like rental of a temporary location, rental of equipment or tools, or replacement of inventory, this type of insurance coverage offers many benefits to business owners.

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Business Interruption Insurance Coverages Include:

  • Gross Rental Income 
  • Loss of Income or Earnings (no co-insurance) 
  • Farm Earnings
  • Extended Loss of Income 

Our experienced team of insurance agents will assist you in selecting the best coverages for your business, while ensuring that you are receiving the best value.

We’re A Different Type of Insurance Provider

HD Mutual is a mutual insurer, which means that we do things differently from the large, corporate insurers. 

We are proud to be a 100% Canadian-owned company, owned solely by its policyholders, and backed by one of the world’s most financially secure insurance networks: 35 mutual companies, known as Ontario Mutuals, providing strength, stability, and expertise.

When you become a policyholder with HD Mutual, you become a member owner of the company. This means:

  1. You have a voice.
    When you purchase an insurance policy with us, you’re more than a policyholder. You become a member of our company and your vote counts when important decisions are being made. 
  2. You support your local community.
    When you pay your premiums, the money goes towards employing your neighbours, supporting the local economy, and investing in local projects.
  3. You are treated with respect.
    When you need assistance, you will receive help from a caring and responsive team of professionals. You will never have to deal with a call centre.
  4. You will receive great rates.
    When you have a policy with HD Mutual you are supporting the not-for-profit company, Ontario Mutuals. You can rest assured that your premiums are not going to a select group of shareholders.

The spirit behind mutual insurance is supportive and helpful. It’s about looking out for the greater good — and that’s what makes us different.

HD Mutual will be there with you from beginning to end.
From questions to claims, we do it all in-house.
Your agent is your advocate and you are never alone.
We’ll be there for you.