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Why Choose Mutual Insurance?

One of my favourite parts of my job is educating people about how mutual insurance works, and its benefits. It’s a great option in terms of cost, customer service, long-term security, community betterment and, of course, the option to have your say in important organizational matters.

At its core, mutual insurance is about people coming together to protect themselves in a common need. Ontario Mutuals have been doing this for almost 160 years.

The question, then, is why have they been around for so long?

You receive great at-cost coverage.

All Ontario Mutuals, including Dumfries, operate on a not-for-profit basis. Our goal is to provide coverage near or at cost. So, while larger companies have scale, we’re still able to provide competitive pricing.

We operate to offer value strictly to our members (you, our policy holders), not returns to any shareholders.

When you have an insurance policy with Dumfries, you are a member of the company. That means that we pour our resources into service and long-term value for you. This differs from stock companies, who focus on paying dividends to distant shareholders. Because we have no shareholders, your interests as a policyholder are served first. You have a voice in important company matters, such as electing the board of directors.

These decisions are vital and serve our policyholders well. In fact, they often pay off – literally. At the end of the year, if our expenses are losses and less than the premiums you and your fellow members paid for, you actually receive a dividend or partial rebate. That’s right: as a member of a not-for-profit, you profit instead of the company keeping your funds.

We are local.

From the food we eat to the stores we shop at, today Canadians place more and more emphasis on buying local and supporting local companies. Why? Because supporting our own economy, employing our neighbours, and giving back to our own community just makes sense. And that’s exactly what your premiums with us do: they make sense. If you buy everything else local, why not your insurance, too?

We may be small, but our network is mighty.

If you generally prefer the service of a smaller company, but also want the security of a larger one, you have your cake and eat it too with an Ontario Mutuals Company. Together, we are 44 companies strong and one of the world’s most financially stable, secure insurance networks.

We are built to provide one-to-one service.

We’re your neighbours, we raise our families alongside you, we know your name. To us, you are not just another numbered policy. Our size and structure allow us to have relationships with our customers. When you need us, someone who you already know and trust will be there to take care of you.

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