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Residential Insurance

Your home is your safe haven. The one place you can count on to always be there. It is a grounds for living, relaxing and growing and we intend to keep it that way. Dumfries Mutual offers a wide range of residential coverages to protect you and your home. Our agents would be pleased to help find the right policy for you.

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We offer the following residential coverages:

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium
  • Tenants rental property
  • Seasonal dwelling
  • Mobile home
  • Pleasure craft
  • Recreational trailer
  • Personal items (jewelry, fine art, electronics, etc.)
  • Identity theft

Want to learn more?

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Are you eligible for a discount?

Along with these coverages, Dumfries offers a wide range of discounts to ensure that your insurance is as affordable as possible. Please be sure to ask your agents which ones are available to you:

  • First-time home buyer – If you purchased your first home in the last 3 years, learn more about our program here.
  • New home – Was your home built within the last 15 years?
  • New renovation – Did you renovate your home top to bottom in the last 15 years?
  • Claims free – Have you been claim-free for 3 years?
  • Age – Are you over the age of 55?
  • Multi-line – Do you also have auto coverage with us?
  • Monitored or Non-monitored alarm
  • Deductibles of $500 or higher

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Are You Moving?

When planning a move be sure to let your broker or agent know. Your coverage’s don’t automatically move with you but, if you call us ahead of time, we will make sure that you are properly insured before you move. By keeping our files up-to-date we can ensure that you are adequately covered once you do move.