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Loss Prevention

If there is any way to lower risk or prevent a loss, we want to be at the forefront. There are ways a person can better manage risks around their property including installing CO detectors, smoke alarms and so on. We make resources available to insureds to help them keep losses to a minimum. Policyholders can contact our office for:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flood alarms
  • CO detectors
  • Lighting systems for implements
  • Risk management

Fire Extinguisher Program

We proudly offer a fire extinguisher program to our policyholders. New extinguishers are sold below cost and we will refill extinguishers for free. Give us a call or stop in for more details regarding this program.

Flood Alarm

We are always looking for opportunities to serve our policyholders. At this time we are offering a free flood alarm for our policyholders. These alarms are extremely useful in your basement and sump pump pit. They safeguard your property against water damage with a warning alarm that alerts you of water troubles. It has a sensor wire that allows it to be used for many applications. It is easy to install, portable and safe!

If you are interested in a fire extinguisher or flood alarm, please speak with your agent to make arrangements to get one. They could save you from a serious headache down the road.