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AVK Nursery Holdings Inc.

Published September 9, 2020

This thriving local business is a wholesale nursery grower of quality plant material. We’re proud to have a long-standing relationship – and share a lot in common!

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AVK Nursery started within Connon Nurseries, and has been “cultivating excellence” in rural Hamilton since 1906. Art Vanderkruk is the founder and owner of AVK – as reflected by his initials in the company’s name. He and his two brothers (Neil and Cor) owned Connon Nurseries, until they divided the business in 1986. Each brother now runs their own successful nursery (AVK, NVK and CBVK). Art’s father, Cornelius Vanderkruk, passed down the original business to his sons when he retired in 1975. Cornelius had been the owner since 1958 – after originally being hired by John Connon, founder of Connon Nurseries, in 1952.

Dumfries Mutual also has a rich heritage in this area, dating back to 1856. In the same way AVK is a family tradition, Tyler Nixon assisted his father and former agent, Glen Nixon, before becoming an agent himself. Tyler now serves many of the clients that Glen served during his 40 year career.


AVK attribute much of their success to their quality employees, products and service. They have worked hard to meet the need for outdoor plants of their solid customer base for many years. They sell trees, shrubs, fruit and perennials in all different sizes and containers for our Canadian environment. Their product is carefully grown to maximize its ability to grow and thrive in the specific zone where planted. AVK are a wholesale sales company and don’t sell to the public. However, you can find their products at many local garden centres owned by independent owners – not big box stores.

Art Vanderkruk
Art Vanderkruk, founder and owner of AVK Nursery, immigrated with his parents and siblings to Canada from Holland in 1952.

Like AVK Nursery, we believe our quality people, products and service set us apart. We’re also dedicated to supporting small businesses and building lasting relationships – from generation to generation. We cherish the words of AVK, “Our relationship (with Dumfries) is almost like family. We have been in business for so long.”


AVK see a bright future ahead as the demand for plants is soaring! Many of us have gravitated toward the outdoors for health and safety from the pandemic. We’ve also considered ways to beautify our yards while spending more time at home. But beyond COVID-19, “going (and growing) green” is here to stay. This is especially true amidst increasing concern about the environment and climate change. Their “green product” processes carbon dioxide and makes oxygen to help preserve our planet.

At Dumfries, we’re also excited about a bright future for our policyholders! We’re investing in talent, modern technology and innovative products to provide the best possible service. As we grow and progress, we’ll always stick to our roots of putting clients first.

We are part of a great community with well-established, customer-centric companies like AVK! This is something to be grateful for as we enjoy the beauty “in our backyard.”

AVK Nursery Holdings Inc.
1724 Concession 4, Rockton, ON
T: 519-647-3997 | E: plants@avknursery.com
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We sincerely value the loyal partnership of AVK Nursery – and are inspired by their commitment to “cultivating excellence.” Together, we have a rich heritage, strong present and exciting future in store!